Payment Gateway Integration

The soul of any eCommerce website is payment gateway integration. It is a secure channel which enables the transfer of the money from customer to the merchant. An eCommerce web site cannot accept amount from the customers without integrating it with the site. While doing online transactions, it authorizes and verifies the credit card or debit card currency and allows the money to come through. For the success of an online shop, it is necessary that it offers various pay options. The lack of paying options is an inconvenience to your customers and for you also as you may lose business sometimes. It rather becomes frustrating for the customers who have spent a lot of time on your eCommerce site searching for the products and in the end they find out that the portal they use is not supported by your online shop.

Payment Gateway Integration Services by India PHP Development

India PHP Development offer payment gateway integration services and also help you to choose the right set of method required for your online store. We have experience in the field for the best shopping carts available like Magento, Virtuemart, osCommerce, ZenCart, X Cart, Drupal and many more. So, no matter which open source platform you are using for your online shop, we can integrate the eCommerce portal in the most customized manner suitable to your business.

PayPal Payment Integration

PayPal is one of the most popular portal systems available nowadays as it has well defined API and PayPal IPN whereas it is easy and affordable also. We can generate a PayPal button and your customers can use it at the time of checkout process on your online shop or we can also enable processing through PayPal IPN which is a call back mechanism transmitting remittance details to you.

Google Checkout

Google Checkout is a gateway system which is quick and facilitates you to keep track of all your orders and shipping transactions. We at India PHP Development specialize in Google Checkout internet services having strict fraud protection policy which will save you from frauds and unauthorized purchases done on your online store.

Sage Pay Payment Integration

Sage Pay is a complete system which is easy to integrate and simple to manage. Using Sage Pay with your eCommerce webpage means receiving capital from your customers without fuss and hassle. We can integrate and configure Sage Pay with your online store easily which will enable you to give a secure shopping experience to your customers. Payment Integration

We are experts at integrating to any webpage that needs it. We have provided by exploring and utilizing all the latest tools and techniques it offers to many online stores.

Amazon Checkout

Amazon Checkout is the most trusted and inexpensive payment portal systems. The businesses which sell a lot on Amazon benefit from Amazon Checkout. But it is also useful for the online stores which sell their products on their own web site. It becomes quite secure for the customers as they only have to provide Amazon account details and not other personal information like their credit/debit card number.

Local Bank API

The benefit of integrating Local Bank API with your eCommerce site is that you can receive the money directly in your local bank account. We are working and implementing your Local Bank API into web shops very quickly and efficiently.

Which gateway integration you decide depends on your needs as well as affordability. Integrating only PayPal or Google Checkout may not accomplish your requirement of taking your online business to new heights. Hire India PHP Development for these services, as we will help you in implementing versatile payment system which best suits your online store.

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